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Tatooine Is Out There Somewhere

According to an article published last month, (linked here) scientists have managed to locate planet known as Kepler -1647. Planets such as this have often been referred to as “Tatooine […]

Bespin Expansion Fast Approaching

EA has released some new artwork to set up the release of the new Bespin DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront. The iconic tan clouds surrounding Cloud City are a bit […]

Rewrite Rumors

So there‚Äôs been rumor and panic around the internet regarding the impending rewrite of the upcoming Rogue One. Some are concerned that the rewrite will cause the movie to loose […]

First Order Storm Trooper Costume

There are a lot of videos around the internet of actors, including Mark Hamill, showing off the upgraded stormtrooper armor as seen in The Force Awakens. It was only a […]

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