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List of Box-Office Records

It’s probably not a suprise to anyone that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has broken some major box office records. But let’s sum up just what kind of impact the new film has had on movie making.

-As of this post (10 days after release) Force Awakens has earned $544.6 million domestically, and $1.09 […]

Blu-Ray and DVD Release

According to Blu-ray’s website, the hard-copy release of The Force Awakens is planned to occur April 5th, 2016, with the list price being around $24.99. It’s safe to assume that the DVD will be released at the same time, however, there are a couple of reasons why this date is subject to change.

Firstly, there is […]

Lightsaber Duel Documentary

ESPN released a documentary a few days ago, discussing the choreography of the lightsaber duel and how it developed throughout each trilogy. Watch how lightsaber duels developed from its roots in the smooth and fast-paced fighting style of kendo into the modern, futuristic style it is today.

What’s Next?: Anthology Series

With the premiere of The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans have a whole five years of material to look forward to. Not to long ago we learned that the anthology series would be hitting theaters in between the release of the next three films, starting with Rogue one. This movie will focus primarily on a […]

Force Awakens World Premiere

The world premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has just had it’s world premiere in L.A. As predicted, it has turned out to be the most iconic blockbuster to-date. No doubt it’s success has been fueled by nostalgia from fandom that has been passed down from generations. From what’s been released so […]

YA Star Wars Novelist Interviews

The new young adult adaptations of the original trilogy hit the market this past September. Here are a few interviews from Alexandra Bracken, Adam Gidwitz, and Tom Angleberger talking about their experiences writing these creative new novelizations.

Rey – Featurette

Check out the new behind-the-scenes look at Daisy Ridley talking about her character, Rey, in an extended trailer for the new Star Wars Episode VII.