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Daisy Ridley’s Audition and More!

Star Wars UK’s been busy making us anxious for the Force Awakens Blu-ray release. What caught our eye the most was how well Daisy Ridley’s raw emotion came through without all the effects. That isn’t the only thing we’re looking forward to, though. They’ve also got a short video teaser for a Maz Kanata spotlight […]

Leia’s Dark Story Told in Bloodlines

BlThe Star Wars films have always centered around the Skywalker bloodline and the impact the family has on the balance of the force. This makes the upcoming novel, Bloodline, a loud mark on the radar moving into spring. The novel is slated to be released May 3rd, and will focus on Leia’s struggles as well as […]

Hamill’s Wry Quip About Daisy Ridley

Minor Spoiler

You know, the most fans will patrol the web for months looking for spoilers that they already figured out themselves. Mark Hamill’s tweet yesterday may not fit the exact definition of a spoiler, but it’s definitely a tease to all the fans who already ascertained that (here come the spoilers):

Rey is a Skywalker

The tweet […]

Marvel’s New Solo Comic Coming In June

Cover by Lee Bermejo

Marvel Entertainment/LucasfilmThe Han Solo prequel film may be a ways off, but there’s another development in Han’s backstory coming this June. The development in question will be a solo comic for, well, Solo. The new Marvel comic is being written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Mark Brooks, and will take place […]

Battlefront March Updates

It hasn’t been long since Battlefront released its February updates and it’s already followed that up with another exciting map. Not only does this addition include a new Survival mode with Rebel Depot on Tatooine, it also brings us our first look at Endor for this Battlefront installment. The new Survivors of Endor includes the […]

What Episode 8 Can Learn From The Force Awakens

One thing most SW fans noticed about The Force Awakens, is that it is extremely similar to A New Hope. In fact, some might say it mirrors the original release a little too well. After all, combine the rebel droids marooned on desert planets, the death of a mentor or three, and a few spherical […]

Audiobook Spotlight: Marc Thompson

People generally buy audio books as an accessory to the hard copy it belongs with, but the work that goes into making these auditory masterpieces is pure awesome. This week, we dug up a couple gems from Marc Thompson, veteran voice actor for several books in the Star Wars franchise.

His voice has been showcased in the […]