Monthly Archives: April 2016


Real Royalty Meets Star Wars Royalty at Pinewood Studios

Princes William and Harry were shown around the set of Star Wars Episode 8 by cast members including Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega. Not only does the new series feature a very recognizable cast of British actors, but all seven of the films so far have been shot, at least partly, in the […]

Rogue One Trailer

8 months away and already a teaser trailer’s out for the new Anthology series. Looks like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will take a gritty turn this December.

Admiral Ackbar Voice Actor Passes Away

It’s not every day that 3 little words can make someone famous, but Ackbar’s “It’s a trap!” from Return of the Jedi has become one of the most-used meme phrases on the internet. Sadly, Eric Bauersfeld, the man behind the voice, passed away two days ago at the age of 93. On top of being […]

Force For Change Announcement

Name says it all folks. Here’s an update from Mark Hamill and Kathleen Kennedy talking about the new Force for Change charity campaign. Feel free to donate at