May the 4th is here again, and now we’ve got something new to be excited about. So let’s look at all the ways you can enjoy this vital holiday.

The first and more obvious choice is to catch The Force Awakens on DVD or BLU Ray. In case you haven’t found a copy since its release on April 5th, it may be the perfect time to re-watch this excellent film on the small screen. If you’re not feeling like sitting in front of the screen, consider grabbing the novelization and/or audio book here

While you’re at it, why not check out Bloodline, a detailed backstory following Princess Leia as she becomes General Leia.

If video games are more your thing, head on over to IGN’s youtube page and check out this early gameplay video for Lego Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. The first look includes new features, such as the use of cover, building of tools from raw materials, and space battles reminiscent of Battlefront 2.

Maybe you want to get off the couch all together? Follow this link to find a video from Bryan Bishop of the Verge talking about some of the best lightsabers in the world (as created by Michael “Yoda” Murphy). Not only are these lightsabers some of the most accurate re-creations in the world, but they can also take some serious G-forces.

That wraps it up for this May 4th, be proud to let your inner Star Wars shine today, and may the force be with you.