Recently it was revealed that video streaming service, Netflix, has acquired exclusive rights for the digital replay of all Star Wars material. The visual media giant will also gain the rights for all giants such as Disney, Pixar and Marvel.

No doubt, this decision was spurred on by the several existing contracts for shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the numerous Marvel films already produced by Netflix. This decision may not come as pleasant news for the thousands of Amazon and HBO users, but it was a no-brainer considering that more people use Netflix at this point than any other paid streaming service.

The service will start supporting the before-mentioned franchises in September of 2016, quite a long time after the hard-copy release of The Force Awakens has had it’s time in to find it’s way into buyers’ eager hands. Keep in mind, of course, that Canada will be seeing the Netflix release before the United States or Europe.

For those of you who enjoy the series Star Wars: Rebels, keep your fingers crossed for that season to show up on Netflix as well. This decision should bring plenty of material to look forward to.