There are a lot of videos around the internet of actors, including Mark Hamill, showing off the upgraded stormtrooper armor as seen in The Force Awakens. It was only a matter of time before someone asked, “when can I get my hands on that?” Well thanks to the movie prop company, ANOVOS, the armor will now be available to the public for a limited time. The armor is premium, of course and will be selling for $2,225  (assembly required) and $6,915 for the already assembled version. There will also be a third option which excludes the boots and helmet, though this option has yet to be priced.

Given the price, it’s understandable why some would think that only serious cosplayers will be buying these suits… but will they? Part of what makes cosplay great is the ingenuity that goes into building the costumes from the ground up. So maybe a few cosplayers will buy the $2,225 package and turn it into a project. But what about the pre-assembled costume? If anything, the buyers for these costumes will most likely be the dedicated fans themselves; those few who would truly admire an item like this as a collectable in their war room.

Either way, the costume will be available for pre-order until July 31st, and the shipping for these costumes will begin the following September. The set without the helmet or boots will be available starting in August.

You can find the kit here: $2,225 Unassembled Costume

and the fully assembled costume here: $6,915 Assembled Costume