So there’s been rumor and panic around the internet regarding the impending rewrite of the upcoming Rogue One. Some are concerned that the rewrite will cause the movie to loose it’s trajectory, while others feel that the re-write is a necessary step.

With all the buzz out there, let’s take a look at what a re-write could mean for the upcoming film. Firstly, fans of the series were promised that Rogue One would take a darker turn. Not only would this cater to a more mature audience (the same way that The Clone Wars and Rebels cater to a younger audience), but it would also clicks with the gritty down-to-earth experience of a soldier vs. the glamorous hero narrative from the Jedi.

Given the recent rumors, it sounds an awful lot like Disney executives are trying to steer the film away from the film’s darker parts. Whether these rumors are true or not, Disney has tended to make film’s more accessible by smoothing out the grit. Some feel that this might disrupt some of the creativity if comic relief goes out of control.

On the other hand, some will point out that a re-write is inevitable. Most good films have received at least one rewrite during their inception for very good reasons. Could you imagine publishing a book without several revisions and re-imaginings along the way?

As we talked about earlier when Rogue One was postponed to December, extra time and quality is better than a rushed job hands-down. Given the timing, the potential for a rewrite may have been there from the beginning to insure a quality final product.

Keep in mind that the rewrite is all just rumor at this point, but it does seem likely that some steps would be taken by Disney to screen and alter the film before it sees public eyes.