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Latest News in Lego Star Wars

Impressive, Most Impressive                                                                                          (The LEGO Group)

How many people can think back to the […]

Mads Mikkelsen Joins the Light Side of the Force

Here’s a bit of old news that didn’t circulate quite as well as expected, what with all the Force Awakens teasers showing up every week or so. But considering that Rogue One is next on Star Wars fans’ lists, we felt it would be prudent to touch back on Mads Mikkelsen’s role in the upcoming […]

Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro Join Star Wars Family

The 2015-2016 season has brought us a lot of quality films, and the actors showcased in these films tend to get recommended for some of the best gigs. This seems to hold true for 2017’s Star Wars Episode VIII, as Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro have both been confirmed to be in […]

C-3PO’s New Stand-Alone Comic and that Infamous Red Arm

Who’d have known C-3PO’s red arm would become such a fashion statement? Okay, perhaps that comment was a bit facetious. As you can see from the screenshot above, C3PO’s rocking the more rustic look; with an arm that looks likes it was installed by a redneck Jawa after sifting through a tatooine junk yard. It’s […]

Will Disney Follow Fan’s Example With Theatrical Original Trilogy?

It was controversial enough when George Lucas decided to start splicing together material with his original creation back in 1997. It was even more unusual when the original versions were never archived or re-released in any way, making these films a prized possession, and the only reason to keep a VHS player around. There are […]

Thrawn Cameo?

New rumors from Making Star Wars hint at Grand Admiral Thrawn coming to “Star Wars: Rebels”. This is a huge development considering that The Thrawn Trilogy is considered one of the biggest fan favorites ever to be made into legend. Given his role in The Thrawn Trilogy and his status as a […]

Jack Reynor and Logan Lerman discuss Han Solo Rumors

So everyone’s heard of this leaked short-list which supposedly reveals the young potentials to portray Han Solo in the 2018 prequel film. Two of the actors, Jack Reynor and Logan Lerman both went on an interview with MTV and, well, they didn’t exactly say no.

As with The Force Awakens, we can predict future installments to […]

Battlefront: Any Substance to January Updates?

EA has released the list of free downloaded updates to Star Wars: Battlefront, but what does this mean for the game as a whole? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the gaming community, the price:substance ratio has been a bit off lately. You may very well end up buying 5 hours worth of […]

Ewan McGregor’s Subtle role in The Force Awakens

While on an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Ewan McGregor explains how J.J. sampled his and Alec Guinness’s voice into The Force Awakens. This is reminiscent of the trailer for the film when Mark Hamill’s voice was recorded and combined with a previous version of himself. It’s amazing to realize just how many tiny things were […]

Force Awakens Special Effects Showcase

We’ve talked before about how impressive the SFX are in The Force Awakens. Here’s a video from fxguidetv showcasing the digital effects used to bring the movie to life.