All of the Star Wars stories take place within the wildly divergent timeline of that now famous “galaxy far, far away.” Here at The Rebel Alliance Trading Post we’ve tried to sort all of the books into sensible categories and locate them in their correct time.

canonCanon: Also known as New Canon. These are the stories that have a direct relationship to the original George Lucas movies. They are also the foundation for the new “approved series” that will evolve in years to come. As you can see from the sidebar, this is a limited number of feature films, books and TV shows, and it is probably the best place for someone new to reading Star Wars to begin enjoying all that Star Wars has to offer. We’ve pulled all of the Canon books together HERE.

Legends: Also known as the Star Wars Expanded Universe. These are all of the other stories that were officially licensed by George Lucas over the years and, though they may not have a direct connection to the “Canon” stories, tell the greater history of the of the Star Wars Universe. Like with all history, some tales may be more reliable than others, thus they are called “Legends.” Outside of the stories found in the “Canon” section all the other stories found on this site are “Legends.”

Timeline: Both “Canon” and “Legends” fit into the Star Wars timeline which covers tens of thousands of years. We have organized all of the stories in order to place them in the correct order within the timeline. As with any time line there is a line of demarcation, a “Before” and an “After” which defines the timeline and each of stories relationship to one another. In the Star Wars Universe, that line of demarcation is THE BATTLE OF YAVIN IV, a major battle of the Galactic Civil War that led to the destruction of the First Death Star and was one of the Rebellion’s first major victories. You watched Luke Skywalker wield the “Force” to fire the shot that ultimately brought about the destruction of the Empire’s battle station. Thus you will find the timeline references BBY (Before the battle of Yavin) and ABY (After the battle of Yavin). Look for books along the Star Wars Timeline HERE.

Series: Within the timeline the “Canon” and “Legends” stories are also organized into various series, these are continuing tales linked to one and other through characters or subject matter. Find books sorted by Series HERE.

For more about how these distinctions evolved over the years go to The History of Star Wars Books.

The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
  • The Clone Wars (TV Series)
  • Dark Disciple
Revenge of the Sith
  • Lords of the Sith
  • Tarkin
  • A New Dawn
  • Rebels (TV Series)
A New Hope
  • Heir to the Jedi
  • Battlefront
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
  • Aftermath
The Force Awakens

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