It’s That Time of the Year Again

May the 4th is here again, and now we’ve got something new to be excited about. So let’s look at all the ways you can enjoy this vital holiday.

The first and more obvious choice is to catch The Force Awakens on DVD or BLU Ray. In case you haven’t found a copy since its release […]

Leia’s Dark Story Told in Bloodlines

BlThe Star Wars films have always centered around the Skywalker bloodline and the impact the family has on the balance of the force. This makes┬áthe upcoming novel, Bloodline, a loud mark on the radar moving into spring. The novel is slated to be released May 3rd, and will focus on Leia’s struggles as well as […]

Star Wars Arsenal: Prop Guns Examined

by Graeson Seiler

After becoming acquainted with a couple foley artists and prop designers, it’s easy to see how important creativity is when it comes to making believable effects from movies. Whether it’s recording a simplex projector and cathode ray tv to make the iconic lightsaber sound, or reforming an old broken microphone cover into a […]

Force Awakens Character Posters

Here are some character posters for the characters of Star Wars Episode VII: Force Awakens. Some new, some returning, all awesome.