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Real Royalty Meets Star Wars Royalty at Pinewood Studios

Princes William and Harry were shown around the set of Star Wars Episode 8 by cast members including Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega. Not only does the new series feature a very recognizable cast of British actors, but all seven of the films so far have been shot, at least partly, in the […]

Force For Change Announcement

Name says it all folks. Here’s an update from Mark Hamill and Kathleen Kennedy talking about the new Force for Change charity campaign. Feel free to donate at

Hamill’s Wry Quip About Daisy Ridley

Minor Spoiler

You know, the most fans will patrol the web for months looking for spoilers that they already figured out themselves. Mark Hamill’s tweet yesterday may not fit the exact definition of a spoiler, but it’s definitely a tease to all the fans who already ascertained that (here come the spoilers):

Rey is a Skywalker

The tweet […]

Force Awakens World Premiere

The world premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has just had it’s world premiere in L.A. As predicted, it has turned out to be the most iconic blockbuster to-date. No doubt it’s success has been fueled by nostalgia from fandom that has been passed down from generations. From what’s been released so […]