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Daisy Ridley’s Audition and More!

Star Wars UK’s been busy making us anxious for the Force Awakens Blu-ray release. What caught our eye the most was how well Daisy Ridley’s raw emotion came through without all the effects. That isn’t the only thing we’re looking forward to, though. They’ve also got a short video teaser for a Maz Kanata spotlight […]

Much Needed Deleted Scenes

by Graeson Seiler

(Minor Spoilers)

I little while ago we showed a video of J.J. Abrams discussing deleted scenes and the release of the Blu-ray/DVD. It turns out that one of these deleted scenes included Maz Kanata (a new, equally eccentric counterpoint to Yoda) using the force to take out some ill-fated storm troopers.  As stated by […]