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Rogue One Trailer

8 months away and already a teaser trailer’s out for the new Anthology series. Looks like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will take a gritty turn this December.

Mads Mikkelsen Joins the Light Side of the Force

Here’s a bit of old news that didn’t circulate quite as well as expected, what with all the Force Awakens teasers showing up every week or so. But considering that Rogue One is next on Star Wars fans’ lists, we felt it would be prudent to touch back on Mads Mikkelsen’s role in the upcoming […]

Jack Reynor and Logan Lerman discuss Han Solo Rumors

So everyone’s heard of this leaked short-list which supposedly reveals the young potentials to portray Han Solo in the 2018 prequel film. Two of the actors, Jack Reynor and Logan Lerman both went on an interview with MTV and, well, they didn’t exactly say no.

As with The Force Awakens, we can predict future installments to […]

Who’s the New Han Solo?

It wasn’t too long ago that Disney started recruiting a couple thousand actors to portray the iconic smuggler: Han Solo.  If recent rumors are to be given any credence, it seems that the herd’s been thinned out with only a handful of actors left. The eight names we’ve heard of so far are […]

What’s Next?: Anthology Series

With the premiere of The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans have a whole five years of material to look forward to. Not to long ago we learned that the anthology series would be hitting theaters in between the release of the next three films, starting with Rogue one. This movie will focus primarily on a […]